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From time to time we organize events that bring together the business communicators in the region to share best practices on communications and marketing.

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Tech Pitching Kit

Latest Pitching Tips for the Latest Tech

For our 2019 Tech Pitching Kit, we spoke to journalists, bloggers and influencers across the tech spectrum —each with their own niche concentrations in tech— to get the best tips on how to pitch them now and into the future.

Get the pitch kit for interviews with 8 featured tech influencer and journalist profiles who share their pitching tips and insights, including:

  1. Examples of the types of stories influencers cover and how to make your story stand out
  2. Advice for PR professionals looking to stand out in a competitive pitching environment
  3. Social networks where you can connect with these influencers to start building relationships

Be sure your pitches end in placements by listening to the tips these tech experts have for you. While each is unique, there is a theme: Know who you’re pitching, and how they like to be pitched.


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