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From time to time we organize events that bring together the business communicators in the region to share best practices on communications and marketing.

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Nov 2 (Thurs), 2017

3:00pm – 5:00pm
Registration starts at 2:30pm

Admiralty Conference Centre
1804, 18/F, Tower 1, Admiralty Centre, 18 Harcourt Road,
Admiralty, Hong Kong
(MTR Admiralty Station – Exit A)
Map and Direction


Luisa Tam
Senior Editor, SCMP

Karen Tam
Assistant GM,
Promotions & Marketing
Harbour City

Jenny Chan
Director, JC Pixie Media

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Navigating the Ever-Changing Media Landscape for Authentic Brand Storytelling

The media landscape has been evolving and is catalyzed by new technology and the changing reading habits of the consumers. Nowadays consumers are consuming news and information from multiple sources across different devices, and are spending more time online than offline. Media outlets and companies are undergoing tremendous changes to make their business offerings more relevant to the ever-changing and digitalized landscape. It is also becoming even more imperative to compete for a share of voice online with the popularity of social media and the emergence of alternative media channels such as KOL and influencer.


By adopting an integrated communications approach that skillfully leverages the uniqueness of different media channels and mastering good communication techniques to build good media rapport, PR and marketers will then be transformed and become an authentic storyteller for their brands.


At our upcoming Media Coffee, three distinguished speakers: Luisa Tam, Senior Editor of South China Morning Post;

Karen Tam, Assistant GM, Promotions & Marketing of Harbour City and Jenny Chan, ex-TV anchor and Director of JC Pixie Media will share their insights and discuss the following topics:


Topics covered during the session include:

  • The evolution of media landscape in Hong Kong and its impact on media engagement today.

  • Case study on Harbour City – How it becomes an iconic landmark and well-known brand in Hong Kong by adopting an integrated communications and media outreach strategy.

  • Factors that brands need to consider and be aware of before/after engaging KOLs and influencers.

Profile of Speakers:


Luisa Tam is a veteran journalist and a senior editor of the South China Morning Post. She has worked in the highly-competitive media sector for more than 30 years, with extensive experience in local and international media organisations including newspapers, magazines, radio and overseas TV stations. Good communication, strategic planning and innovative ideas have always been the driving force for Luisa throughout her long career as a media professional. On a personal level, she is passionate about children's and social issues.


Karen Tam joined the Wharf Group in 1993 and was immediately responsible for the launch of Times Square. In 1997, Karen had the additional responsibility of overseeing Harbour City and embraced this unique challenge to promote two malls concurrently over the course of five years. From 2001 onward, Karen fully transitioned her efforts to focus solely on overseeing Harbour City. Karen presently holds the title of Assistant General Manager - Promotions and Marketing of Harbour City. Karen gained valuable marketing experience promoting both Harbour City and Times Square locally and internationally with a special emphasis in developing the Mainland China market. Karen added a further accomplishment to her accolades in 2008 by successfully strategizing and executing Harbour City's online and social media marketing efforts. Some recent major campaigns have included its yearly event “Chocolate Trail” and seasonal Christmas installations as well as “Doraemon Brings Innovative Surprises through Joyful Experiences” and “Rubber Duck Hong Kong Tour”. Karen is currently the Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Advertisers Association and the Vice Chairman of the HKMA Digital Marketing Community.


Jenny Chan was previously a journalist at Apple Daily and a news anchor at ATV and TVB in Hong Kong. She is now a columnist for WeMedia Hong Kong and the founder of JC Pixie Media which provides multimedia and marketing related services. Jenny has a bachelor degree in Chinese Language and Literature and a master degree in Journalism from the City University of Hong Kong. She was also awarded a scholarship from Reuters to study financial reporting in London. Proficient in English, Cantonese, Mandarin and French, Jenny has extensive experience in the media industry and enjoys sharing her experience and insights on the evolution of media in Hong Kong.


About Media Coffee:

The goal of Media Coffee is to enable communications professionals to hear from leading media organizations on how their respective companies work, providing insight into their specialist areas, giving advice on achieving coverage and informing them on effective targeting of journalists within their sector and how to build a mutually beneficial relationship.


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